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Hydrotherapy is an ancient form of natural treatment in which the physical properties of warm water and weightlessness are utilised to gain relaxation and freedom of movement, to promote muscle relaxation, aid pain relief and to assist joint movements and cardiovascular activity.


When a animal enters the water and starts to swim, muscles that may not have used in years begin to receive stimulation.  The benefit to injured animals is a slow build up of strength without the danger of any injury being caused by putting weight on weak bones and muscles. Fully fit animals also benefit.


Six minutes in a pool can be the equivalent to a five mile walk or a hundred yard run.  Time spent swimming by the dog is always a gradual build up to ensure their well-being at all times.



Our exceptional circular hydrotherapy pool enables dogs - through swimming and manipulation in water - to exercise because it is non weight bearing; so recovery can start much earlier following surgery or injury.

The warm water and increased range of limb movements help to promote circulation, which aids healing.The pressure of the water can have an anti-inflammatory effect, relieving pain and reducing swelling, resulting in more comfortable or natural limb movements. Some pet insurance companies will pay for hydrotherapy if your veterinary surgeon prescribes it.




We advise that you consult your dog’s vet before starting a course of swimming.  We will also require certain information about your dog.  Please contact Neil Allan on 01572 747506 for more details.  A swimming session of half an hour is £18.00.